A Grey Lock or Two

A photo of the A Grey Lock or Two album cover

Recorded at Shoebox Studios, Newcastle.

As another New Year's Eve approaches, it's frightening to reflect that 2009 will be the 30th anniversary of the current Wilson family line up as a performing folk group. Whilst Tom, Chris and Steve had sung three part back as far as 1974, it was not until Dave Verrill booked the whole family to do a night at the 'Top House Folk Club' at Marske that we even considered going out as a six-some and it was probably not until 1981, when we recorded 'Aall tegithor like the foaks o'Shields', that we became fully fledged. Biographies have appeared in numerous festival programmes and other material since then so we've made the assumption that most people will have at least some acquintance with who we are and where we are from.

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Track List

  1. Little White Road (Dad's Song)
  2. Adieu John Barleycorn
  3. The Duke of Marlborough
  4. April Morning
  5. The Hunt is Up
  6. Close the Coalhouse Door
  7. New Saint George
  8. Lairdsfield Disaster
  9. Last Valentines Day
  10. Cheshire May Day Song
  11. The Peat Bog Soldiers
  12. Bring us in Good Ale
  13. Davey Louston
  14. Harvest Hom
  15. Bold Nelson's Favourite
  16. The Parting Glass
  17. When I Die
  18. Miner's Lifeguard