Fifty Years On

A photo of the Fifty Years On album cover

Recorded at Shoebox Studios, Newcastle.

Chris and Steve Wilson are two of the five brothers from that "famous", some would say notorious institution - The Wilson Family, From Teesside.

However, here we have a line up, not widely heard, even though they have been singing and playing as a duo since the 1970's! Their repertoire covers everything from the classic traditional songs and ballads to the hard-hitting contemporary songs of Leon Rosselson, Ed Pickford and others.

Steve's hidden instrumental talents are in great evidence on this recording, giving an added dimension to their already well-known close vocal harmonies. The duo combination certainly makes a formidable musical force. This album is (unbelievably) their very first duo recording... sit back and enjoy!

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  1. Betsy Bell
  2. Three Jolly Sneaksmen
  3. The Winter It Is Past
  4. Mining Medley
  5. Brass Band Music
  6. Faithful Johnny
  7. This Town Is Not Your Own / Eilifint Sa Seomra
  8. Farewell My Dearest Nancy
  9. Husband-man & Serving-man
  10. 'List For A Sailor
  11. Lord Randall
  12. The Sun / Still Is The Memory
  13. Twa Corbies
  14. The Watershed Medley
  15. Thorneymoor Woods
  16. All In A Day
  17. Here Is My Home / Parting Friends