Stocking Tops - The Wilson Family Live

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Pure Records – PRCD02 (CD) (1997) Produced by Steve Rusby & The Wilson Family.

This live album, recorded at the Sun Inn Folk Club in Stockton, and various festival performances during the 1996 season, includes many of our enduringly best loved songs and a bit of "craic"

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Track List

  1. Rap Her T'Bank (Trad/Tom Wilson)
  2. Running Fox (Graeme Miles)
  3. Ca The Yowes (Rabbie Burns)
  4. Acting Song (Trad)
  5. Hills of Yatton (Graeme Miles)
  6. Jean Jamieson's Ghost (Trad)
  7. Bonnie Black Hare (Trad)
  8. Admiral Benbow (Trad)
  9. Thousands of More (Trad)
  10. Seasons of Peace (Si Kahn)
  11. Lost at Sea (Clive Gregson)
  12. Horumarye (Graeme Miles)
  13. 18th Day of June (Trad)
  14. Cheshire Mayday Song (Trad)