Here's a Health to the Company!

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Recorded at Shoebox Studios, Newcastle.

Jim MacFarland is a Derryman and is one of Ireland's finest traditional singers. He is also known for his collection of songs from the Irish source singers.

Ken Wilson is from Teesside in the North of England, part of the wonderful Wilson Family but a fine singer in his own right. They have known each other for the past fifteen years or so and have always had a mutual respect for each other's singing. In 2013 they were asked to tour in Ireland and perform their mixture of both Irish and English traditional songs. Since then they have appeared at a number of clubs and festivals in the UK and Ireland.

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Track List

  1. Here's a Health to the Company
  2. Sarah Jane
  3. Royal oak
  4. Jimmy Murphy
  5. Trimdon Grange Explosion
  6. O'Reilly
  7. Lovely on the Water
  8. Madam I'm a Darling
  9. Tom the Barber
  10. One Morning in May
  11. The Terror Time
  12. Children of the Earth
  13. Both Sides the Tweed
  14. Palaces of Gold
  15. Farewell my Dearest Dear
  16. The Barley Straw
  17. The Parting Glass