The Wilson Family Album

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Harbour Town – Har 020(V) (1991) Producer Gordon Jones.

An eclectic mixture of tradition songs and contemporary social comment, the songs included in this album were prompted by the number of people asking for them to be recorded and, simply, that we loved to sing 'em.

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Track List

  1. John Barleycorn (Trad)
  2. The Mistress's Health (Trad)
  3. Beggars Carol/May Garlands (Trad)
  4. Thyme (Trad)
  5. The Jolly Ploughboys (Trad)
  6. Bay of Mexico (Trad)
  7. Sweep Chimney Sweep (Trad)
  8. Byker Hill (Trad)
  9. Young Banker (Trad)
  10. Hawks and Eagles (Ian Walker)
  11. Children of Africa (Trad)
  12. Somewhere in Japan (Martin Carter
  13. Think Again (Dick Gaughan)
  14. Big Steamers (Rudyard Kipling & Peter Bellamy
  15. Nelson's Death and Victory (Trad)
  16. Close the Coalhouse Door (Alex Glasgow)