Album cover of Sibling Revivalry

Sibling Revivalry

Here it is, the latest album - 14 new tracks to the Wilson Family discography!

In almost 50 years of singing together we have always attempted to include some of the best contemporary songs within an, otherwise, traditional repertoire and the tracks chosen for this CD try to reflect and continue that philosophy.

Over the years since we first joined in with the revival of British folk music, many of our songs were first performed by us as individuals and were only subsequently incorporated into the group’s repertoire. This process continues here, the song having been included without rivalry or rancour.

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Album cover of A Grey Lock or Two

A Grey Lock or Two

As another New Year's Eve approaches, it's frightening to reflect that 2009 will be the 30th anniversary of the current Wilson family line up as a performing folk group. Whilst Tom, Chris and Steve had sung three part back as far as 1974, it was not until Dave Verrill booked the whole family to do a night at the 'Top House Folk Club' at Marske that we even considered going out as a six-some and it was probably not until 1981, when we recorded 'Aall tegithor like the foaks o'Shields', that we became fully fledged. Biographies have appeared in numerous festival programmes and other material since then so we've made the assumption that most people will have at least some acquintance with who we are and where we are from.

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Album cover of Aall Tegithor Like the Foaks O'Shields

Aall Tegithor like the Foaks O'Shields - various artists

A collection of songs about the women of Tyneside over the past two centuries.

Anni and Jim Mageean, Alan Fitzsimons, Benny Graham and The Wilson Family

Album cover of Horumarye

Horumarye - The Wilson Family

A collection of songs from the Pen of Graeme Miles.

Album cover of Stocking Tops - The Wilson Family Live

Stocking Tops - The Wilson Family Live

This live album, recorded at the Sun Inn Folk Club in Stockton, and various festival performances during the 1996 season, includes many of our enduringly best loved songs and a bit of "craic".

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Album cover of Third World War

The Third World War

This "single" was produced and sold to raise money for the Ethiopian Famine.

Album cover of The Wilson Family Album

The Wilson Family Album

An eclectic mixture of tradition songs and contemporary social comment, the songs included in this album were prompted by the number of people asking for them to be recorded and, simply, that we loved to sing 'em.

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In addition to the above we have contributed single tracks to various compilation albums, including "A Full Head of Steam" and "Voices", and have made guest appearances on other albums.

Steve and Mike have appeared on some of the earlier "Keelers" albums.

Our Ken has also recorded an individual album entitled "Not Before Time"