Sibling Revivalry

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Here it is, the latest album - 14 new tracks to the Wilson Family discography!

In almost 50 years of singing together we have always attempted to include some of the best contemporary songs within an, otherwise, traditional repertoire and the tracks chosen for this CD try to reflect and continue that philosophy.

Over the years since we first joined in with the revival of British folk music, many of our songs were first performed by us as individuals and were only subsequently incorporated into the group’s repertoire. This process continues here, the song having been included without rivalry or rancour.

Recorded at Simpson Street Studios, Thropton, Northumberland in March 2023. With special thanks to Ian Stephenson.

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Track List

  1. I am Coal (Ed Pickford)
  2. Hewin' for the Ore (Graeme Miles)
  3. Palaces of Gold (Leon Rossleson)
  4. Sportsmen Arouse (Trad)
  5. Blackwaterside (Trad)
  6. Roll Down (Peter Bellamy)
  7. Bedlam City (Trad)
  8. Molly in the Dell (Richard Watson)
  9. The Foxhunt (Trad)
  10. Let's hope the clock stands still (Pete Betts)
  11. Rambling Comber (Trad)
  12. Hey ho Little Fishes (Trad)
  13. Ford o'Kabul River (Kipling/Bellamy)
  14. O'Brien's Hymn/Farewell Shanty (Sting/Trad)