Voices : English Traditional Songs

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Fellside Recordings FECD87 (CD, UK, 1992)

Singing is on of the basic human art forms; apart from humming, whistling or tapping some part of the body, it is the only way of making music. We share the art with various other creatures on this planet and, as far as we can tell, humans have always sung in one form or another and in every culture.

The collection of songs on this recording belongs to a group called English Traditional folk songs and they are presented in their simplest form - unaccompanied by musical instruments. To describe some of the singing here as simple is to do the singers a grave injustice because you will find here some of the supreme stylists performing within the genre; from the gentle nuances of Dave Burland's style, through the intricate decorations of Maddy Prior and Martyn Wyndham-Read, all way to the outrageous mannerisms of Pete Bellamy. The harmony singing takes in the highly structured part singing of Swan Arcade as well as the loose harmonies of The Watersons.

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Track List

  1. The Blacksmith - Maddy Prior
  2. The Broken Token - Cyril Tawney
  3. Cob A-Coaling - The Watersons
  4. Go and Leave Me - Peta Webb
  5. The Mower - A. L. Lloyd
  6. Four Loom Weaver - Roy Bailey
  7. Two Brethren - Dave Weatherall & Martin Hall
  8. Up In The North - Linda Adams
  9. Constant Lovers - Martyn Wyndham Read
  10. Brisk Young Widow - Peter Bellamy
  11. Sweet William's Ghost - Hughie Jones
  12. The Fowler - Patti Reid
  13. 18th Day of June - The Wilsons
  14. Lord Randall - Bram Taylor
  15. Old Brown's Daughter - Damien Barber
  16. Banks of Green Willow - Frankie Armstrong
  17. King Jamie and the Tinkler - John Kirkpatrick
  18. Young Emma - Martin Carthy
  19. Come Write Me Down (Wedding Song) - The Arthur Family
  20. I Would That The Wars Were All Done - Roy Harris
  21. The Banks of Sweet Mossom - Shirley Collins
  22. William Taylor - Dave Burland
  23. Noah's Ark Shanty - Swan Arcade
  24. The Bonny Boy - June Tabor
  25. Felton Lonnen/Here's The Tender Coming - Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies